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"Kris was super easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He worked around my schedule and has been easy to get a hold of with questions. I would highly recommend Kris and Ascend Financial to anyone looking for great service." ~ Gayle T.

"I recently moved my mom from another state to live with me and my family since it was getting to the point where she should no longer live on her own. One of the things that needed to be taken care of was getting her Medicare updated. I was stressed about figuring out how to do that and how to check out the different plans. Kris told me which website to go to and what information I should have ready and talked me through the steps. Thanks to his help, it ended up being very easy. He also answered the questions I had on plans and options. I really appreciate his guidance!" ~ Rae K.


"Amazing customer service and nice insurance prices for great coverage!" ~ Tayler S.


"Any time I had a question regarding my insurance needs, Kris responded to our needs in a timely manner.  It gives us comfort knowing that we are protected if we are faced with a crisis.  Thank You" ~ Michael J.


"Ascend Financial is proactive and extremely responsive in completing tasks set forth by their customers. I feel safe with them and know they always have my back!" ~ Chad P.


"Cost saving & quick service." ~ Douglas H


"Everything... very helpful!! Kristopher Jerke is the best; always there for me." ~ Walter G.


"Follow up! Great service!" ~ Scott H.


"Friendly, personal care, follow thru." ~ Ben W.


"Great customer service. Professional. Great follow up and not too pushy." ~ Wayne O.


"Great service! Kris made the transition effortless and seamless." ~ Christopher V.


"Great, honest, personalized service." ~ Gerardo L.


"Hi Kris - enjoy the service your team provides." ~ Patrick R.


"How you interact and treat your clients. Thank you, Kris." ~ Tyler T.


"I like that the time was taken to explain clearly & answer questions." ~ Dennis S.


"I liked the honesty and the urgency that was applied to my needs." ~ Arlen B.


"I really appreciate the way Kris Jerke interacts with me.  Not too pushy, and he communicates things clearly." ~ Kraig P.


"I thought the one-on-one contact and information delivery was great.  The options and rates were very competitive as well." ~ Raymond O.


"Kris compared all our insurance rates (car, house, liability, and collector vehicle) and cut our insurance bill by about 35% for the same coverage we had before.  Kris made us feel like he was helping us and not just selling us something." ~ Keith B.


"Kris does a great job of explaining our policies and financial statements. He is easy to reach, and incredibly patient. Highly recommend." Jaime B.


"Kris has handled our financial & insurance needs for quite a few years.  He has been able to save us quite a bit of money by annually reviewing our policies and bundling our home and auto." ~ Travis G.


"Kris helped make things understandable for me, I was a little lost on certain topics before I came in, but he made it feel like there were no dumb questions." ~ Sawyer M.


"Kris is caring and sincere.  He is always looking out for your best interests and extremely knowledgeable.  A true professional!" ~ Shelley G.

"I love the fact that the foundation of Ascend is based on Christian values and truly cares about the people they serve as well as giving back to our community. This weekend I am taking part of a goodwill house painting project sponsored by Ascend Financial, and proud to be a part of this. They offer the best prices for my insurance needs and anytime I have an issue or questions, i know it will be taken care of quickly. Prior to moving my insurance to Ascend I was insured with a large well-known company, and never really knew who my agent or felt like just another client. Love Ascend, their services and what they stand for! Thanks Kris Jerke!" Jacquelyn B.


"Kris is very knowledgeable and answered all questions timely.  He made the whole experience pleasant and as easy as possible.  Kris always responds in a timely fashion and checks back to make sure things are working ok.  Love the binder for keeping everything together!!!  Job well done!!!" ~ Brian C.


"Kris is very quick with responses, a great teacher, and we trust him completely." ~ John D.

"Kris made getting home and auto insurance quotes very easy. Also the process of setting up the new insurance policies was very easy and seamless." ~ Rick V.


"Kris treated us very well and made us feel very comfortable about financial decisions." ~ James P.


"Kris was awesome. He took the time to make sure we got the best policy available and took the extra time to come to me and fully explained everything we got. I'm highly appreciative of all the time and patience he displayed. Will definitely recommend him and Ascend Financial with the highest praise. Looking forward to doing much more business with this group." Nalini M.


"Kris was open and honest about current coverage and policy I had and thoroughly explained the policy he built. He was easy to relate to and cared about my family and myself long term." ~ Lance P.


"Kris was personable and easy to relate to. He took the time to not only explain my policy but made sure I understood it." ~ Lori R.


"Kris was super easy to work with and very knowledgeable. He worked around my schedule and has been easy to get a hold of with questions. I would highly recommend Kris and Ascend Financial to anyone looking for great service." ~ Gayle T.


"Kris was very easy to talk to and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. He responded to emails/calls/texts right away and that made me feel like we made the right decision going with Ascend. It's comforting to know that we are able to get ahold of Kris when needed and that he will get back to us as soon as possible if we are unable to reach him at the time. Kris is not an insurance salesman. He is a financial advisor and I am confident that he will recommend only things that are in our best interest. Thank you so much!" ~ Tamra H. 

"Kris was very friendly, personable and knowledgeable.  He put together a great portfolio of products and services he thought would be beneficial to my specific needs.  I was able to save a considerable amount of money, in addition to increasing my coverage, by moving my homeowners and auto insurance to Ascend Financial.  Just wish I would have done it years ago!" ~ Janet W.

"Kris was/is willing to work with me and make sure that I understand what I am doing with my investments." - Logan G.

"Kris, I've been completely satisfied with your great service." Ronn K.


"Kris, you have always treated me like a friend not just a person you do business with.  I really appreciate your help with everything.  I consider you a very honest person and I'm happy to have you on my side. Thanks again." ~ Mary T.


"Kristopher has an amazing approach about helping and looking for best solution in your unique situation, very flexible and ready to come to you and place of your convenience to discuss details.  Balance of great innovations and good Christian values will go a long way. I'm very satisfied. Thank you." ~ Pawel Z.


"Kristopher saved us money on Homeowners insurance and car insurance. He just lays it out there if you want it that's fine, no pressure. He does a good job on finding the right policy for your situation. Thanks Kris" ~ Daryl A.


"Personal attention received from Kris to provide the best services and solutions for our needs." ~ Ken P.

"Provided excellent education on all platforms of insurance and make us feel comfortable in our financial decisions." Michael S.


"Punctual and tried hard to make it hassle-free." ~ Justin S.


"Response time to client calls...I know when I call, I will get a call back from Kris within a couple of hours, sometimes, minutes...not several days, like other companies that I use to work with!" ~ Jana C.


"Saved me lots of money!!!" ~ Cleila W.

"Seem very honest and caring." ~ Darrell V.


"Showed genuine interest in us as people and not just another number/client. Did a great job learning about what we needed and found the best option for us." ~ Adam S.


"Strong values, great service and a good heart." ~ Gary J.


"The ideas and drive that makes a company great is the heart and the people who see you as people. Kris made my wife and I feel at home and talked to us like we are family and gave us the best advice and walked us through every step of our policies." ~ Kuolnganng M.


"The personal touch and relationship that Kris has initiated is very important to me/us when choosing insurance." ~ Dan S.


"Very friendly and knowledgeable." ~ Jared W.


"Very personable and did a great job understanding my needs." ~ Heather N.


"Very personable and straightforward." ~ Thomas W.


"We appreciate your quick response to any questions that we have and your insight to any problems.  Thank you so much." ~ Tim R.


"We are new to the state and feel so fortunate to have met Kris. He is so personable and genuinely wants what is best for you. I will continue to utilize his expertise and advice for all of our insurance needs!" ~ Brandon W.


"You are very attentive to our needs and get back to us promptly when we have any questions. You worked hard to find us affordable coverage." ~ Jon S.


"You call us back when we call, and you find out my answers to my questions in a timely manner thank you." ~ Mark S.


"You did an awesome job; we appreciated all the time you spent! Thank you." ~ Kevin S.


"You did very well in explaining the policies and breaking down the cost on each. You didn't try to push coverages that we felt were unnecessary and you seemed very knowledgeable given your experience. You are easy to get a hold of and fast in returning calls. Also, we always kind of root for the local businesses. Lastly, we ourselves are Christians and we liked that you incorporated your Christian beliefs in your business statement." Joshua W.


"You listened to our needs and provided the products that worked for us and saved us a ton of money in the process!  Thank you." ~ Matthew S.


"You were knowledgeable, helpful, and caring. You gave great advice!!" ~ Jane L.


"You were very accommodating and informative." ~ Michael H.


"You were very easy to talk to and you looked out for the best solution for us!" ~ Megan W.