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Retirement Workshops

Knowledge is power!

There's a lot to know when planning for and navigating in retirement. We'll cover all the essential things you need to know to be prepared in just 45 minutes!

Click the video and read below to learn more, and sign up for the date that works best for you.

A complimentary meal will be served!

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What you'll learn:

- how to maximize your Social Security income

- how to avoid taxes on your Social Security

- what RMDs are, how they work and how to avoid them

- how to protect your hard-earned retirement savings from potential market declines

- how to set yourself up to live TAX FREE in retirement

- how to use your home to your financial benefit in retirement (and potentially cut a mortgage payment out of your budget!)

and finally,

- how to cut $1,000s of fees in retirement that you don't need to pay and probably are already paying (many are paying over $10,000/yr!)

And a bonus!

We'll give you the secret to saving your kids or grandkids nearly $400,000 in their lifetime with an alternative investment strategy!


Every attendee will receive a free copy of bestselling author David McKnight's 'Tax-Free Income for Life.'

How you'll feel after attending:

My hope is that you will have greater PEACE OF MIND and COMFORT when it comes to the topic of retirement.

I relate the impending nature of retirement to a cliff we approach as you face a lot of uncertainty and unfamiliarity with how life will look afterwards.

Anxiety is a common feeling people share, but they also commonly share a feeling of great joy once they enter retirement and experience it.

If you are in retirement, we hope you find peace in knowing you may be able to save money or protect your assets to alleviate any anxieties in that regard.  

What's to eat?

Catering will be from Look's Marketplace. Please note your choice in the comments when you register. You'll be able to choose from the following sandwiches: Porcules, Chicken Bacon Ranch, Country Club and Roasted Mushroom (more details are available on the registration page). 


Fellowship of Christian Athletes Building

3rd Floor Conference Room

1601 E. 69th St.

Sioux Falls, SD 57108

<sup>Your host:&#160;</sup><sup>Kris Jerke, President&#160;</sup><sup>- Ascend Financial</sup>

Your host: Kris Jerke, President - Ascend Financial

After serving in the industry for over 20 years, I decided to shed the corporate world and branch out on my own to serve clients as I feel they'd like to be served. I have extensive experience working with businesses, farming operations and individuals in the banking, insurance and investment world and enjoy not only providing for their financial services needs but problem solving and getting to know each client on an individual basis. Every client is important to me, from the smallest to the largest. I'm a small town guy from Kaylor, SD where I grew up on the family farm my ancestors homesteaded back in the late 1800s. My beautiful wife, Brooke, and I reside in Sioux Falls along with our daughters where we enjoy fulfilling our calling in our faith in Christ, enjoying the outdoors and running, and time with family. This business really is an extension of my calling in my faith, hence the name "Ascend" and the cross represented on the logo. Here, we "serve one another, humbly in love".